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Privacy Notice

According to the established on the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties we pledge that the personal data collected from you will be treated under the strictest security measures to ensure confidentiality.

Operadora Quisqueyana Del Sureste S. A. De C. V., declares to be a legally constituted Company, in accordance with the Mexican laws and has its fiscal address at Miguel Alemán Avenue, Number 167-107 Altos, Colonia Centro, Post code  24000, in the city of San Francisco De Campeche, in the State of Campeche, and be the operator of the hotel Chicanna Ecovillage Resort and we are aware that you as user of our services has the right to know what information we collect from you and our practices with respect to such information. The conditions contained in this document are applicable to all the information that is collected under the name of  and by Operadora Quisqueyana Del Sureste S. A. De C. V, and we also expressly responsible for the use, protection and treatment of our personal data and in this regard we inform you the next:


In Operadora Quisqueyana Del Sureste S. A, De C. V., usually collect personal identifiable information such as: full name, address, postal code, colony, telephone number, email address, credit card number or the payment account number, through our website, reservations, reservation offices of the hotels that we operate and directly when you voluntarily provide us through your direct registration at the reception of our hotels.

We use this combination of personal data for the purposes described in this policy. If you voluntarily wish to share with us more “sensitive information”, such as information related to your health, this information may be stored in your reservation record with the sole purpose to offer you a better service and satisfy your particular needs. For example we could use this information to provide you with a room with the right amenities.

We do not collect or store confidential information unless it is voluntarily provided by you.


The personal data we collect from you will be used for services, economic and tax purposes that are necessary to fulfill the service you request; we will use your personal information for “marketing purposes” that may not be necessary for the service you request us but allow us to provide a better attention.

The personal data you provide to Operadora Quisqueyana Del Sureste S. A. De C. V., will be treated, in addition to fulfill the obligations derived from the relationship that you can create with the nest purposes:

  1. – Compliance with request for reservations and information.- To fulfill your requests, such as to complete your transactions and / or to make reservations on our website or through our reservation offices. When you make a reservation through our website and / or through our reservation office we can ask you for your credit card office, or other payment account number, billing address and any other information related to the required services.
  2. – For the management and operation of loyalty program, where you voluntarily provide necessary data so you can earn and redeem awards, points or credits.
  3. – To send you information related to our website, changes in our terms of negotiation, conditions and policies; as well as for sending administrative information about your reservation, such as: confirmation of your reservation, shipping cost and / or billing information; or also to inform about products, services and promotions offered by our company and which we believe may be of interest to you.
  4. – To make surveys and ask for their response to the questionnaires in order to be able to offer better products and services to our clients and end users. These will be totally voluntary.
  5. – For our internal business purposes, such as data analysis, new products developments, improving our website, tracking users, improving services, usage trends at each visit and determining the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.

In the event that your personal data is intended to be used for a purpose other than the mentioned above, Operadora Quisqueyana Del Sureste S. A., De C. V. will notify you by email or by telephone, in order to obtain your consent for the processing of your data according to new purposes. If you do not receive your consent for the cases in which it is necessary, Operadora Quisqueyana Del Sureste S. A. De C. V. will not use tour personal data.


Operadora Quisqueyana Del Sureste S. A. De C. V. will not share your personal data with third parties, whether domestic or foreign, without your prior consent.

  1. – We may use and / or reveal your personal identifiable information when we have reason to believe that it is necessary to identify, contact or take legal action against persons or entities that may be causing harm to you; as provided by court order or legal process; establish or exercise our legal rights, defend us against legal action or protect our operations; and to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person or as required or permitted by law.


Operadora Quisqueyana del Sureste S. A. De C. V. has taken the necessary security, administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment. However, Operadora Quisqueyana del Sureste S. A. De C. V. can’t and therefore does not guarantee that there will be no unauthorized access to your personal access to your personal data or that the communications are free from any interruption, error or interception by unauthorized  third parties.

Access to your personal data held by Operadora Quisqueyana del Sureste S. A. De C. V. is limited to persons who need to access to such information for the purpose of carrying out the purposes identified.


You as the holder of your personal data, may request Access to or rectification from your personal data to Operadora Quisqueyana Del Sureste S. A. De C. V.

ACCESS.- To be informed of which of your personal data are contained in the database of Operadora Quisqueyana del Sureste S. A. De C. V. for which these personal data are used, the origin of sail data and the uses that have already been given of them.

RECTIFICATION.- that you correct or update your personal data in case they are inaccurate or incomplete. You must inform Operadora Quisqueyana del Sureste S. A. De C. V. of the changes that must be made to your personal data, when such changes are only or your knowledge.


Operadora Quisqueyana del Sureste S. A. De C. V., reserves the right to modify or ament totally of partially this Privacy Notice. The modified Privacy Notice will be posted in the page www.chicannaecovillageresort.com The lack of opposition to the new Privacy Notice within 15 business days after its publication will be understood as its acceptance of the terms established therein.


By providing any type of information, including your personal data, you expressly:

I).- Accept the conditions contained in this Privacy Notice.

II).- You agree that the information provided by you may be stored, used and generally treated for the purposes stated, including for commercial and promotional purposes.

III).- You give Operadora Quisqueyana del Sureste S. A. De C. V.  authorization to obtain, compile, store, share, communicate, transmit and use such information in any manner or form, in accordance with the conditions set out in this document and applicable laws.


Questions, comments and / or right exercises, please contact Systems and Information Systems Management of Quisqueyana del Sureste S. A. de C. V.

E-mail: jorgelara@opquisqueyana.com.mx

Address: Ruiz Cortines Avenue, Number 51 Colonia Centro P.C.  24000, San Francisco De Campeche, Campeche.