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Safety Protocol COVID-19

In accordance with the recommendations of the Secretariat of Health for the tourist sector, these are the basic hygiene measures that will apply since July 1st as the new normal in the hotel CHICANNA.

  • The operations manager is the responsible assigned to ENSURE the correct implementation of the sanitary measures.
  • We established a protocol that includes a filter to detect signs of respiratory diseases (fever, coughing, runny nose and breathing difficulties) in order to send the person back to his/her home for voluntary isolation and reduce the risk for the rest of the people (general guidelines for the mitigation and prevention of COVID-19 in indoor public spaces).
  • Upon the guest arrival, the bell boy, wearing the proper attire and using the personal protection equipment (face mask, face shield, gloves), will greet each visitor, will do a temperature check and will provide hand sanitizer. The bell boy will accompany guests to the reception, passing through the signaled filter where people can also disinfect their shoes.
  • We’ll let the guest know that next to the parking lot there are bathrooms for men and women where they can wash their hands in case they need to.
  • Whether it’s an individual reservation or a group (the guide), we’ll accompany only the person that is going to do the check in to the reception in order to handle him/her the keys. In this area there is an acrylic screen to ensure social distancing, as well as signs on the floor and sanitizing hand gel.
  • Keys, pens, etc. and everyday objects are constantly sanitized.
  • All of our collaborators have been trained in the use of personal protection equipment (face mask, face shield, gloves).
  • All the disposable material (face mask and gloves) will be put in a bag previously sprayed with a solution of sodium hypochlorite and then must be thrown away with a legend that says “sanitary waste”.
  • Exhaustive sanitation must be made in the entire property upon opening.
  • We’ll put special attention to the bathrooms area. We’ll increment the cleaning frequency in general and in frequent objects of contact such as handgrips, faucets, dispensers, etc.
  • Hand hygiene is the main prevention and infection control measure. There is liquid soap, with paper towels dispensers, trash cans, toilet paper, drinking water and alcohol-based sanitizing hand gel.
  • Proper signage will also be displayed and highlighted, describing the use of the mask and the current practices of physical distancing to follow throughout the entire complex.

Communal areas

  • Placement of social distance (at least 1.5 meters) signage in strategic points.
  • Placement of containers with disinfectant solution (for the shoes) to access and leave the hotel.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of vendor machines, tables, chairs and other furnishings in touch with guests.
  • Doors, handgrips.
  • Sofas, chairs.
  • Countertops.
  • Elevator switches.
  • Stairs, handrails.


In the rooms we’ll carry a procedure of housekeeping and sanitation of all the areas. Towels, sheets, bed linens and pillows will be replaced for others that have been cleaned and disinfected. The latter also applies to the bathrooms, handgrips and furniture. The staff (maids and housekeepers) must wear protective equipment such as gloves and face mask. The bathroom and trash cans cleaning will be done under strict safety controls. The entire room will be sanitized before assigning it again.

  • The walls, windows and doors that include handgrips must be cleaned regularly, not just when they’re visibly dirty.
  • The horizontal surfaces that include tables, chairs, beds, shelves and other facilities stuck to the wall must be cleaned with a cloth with water and detergent, washed with clean water and disinfected with chlorine solution.
  • We’ll put specific attention to the sanitation of the following areas:
  • Desks, worktops, tables and chairs.
  • Doors and door latches.
  • Bathroom vanities and accessories.
  • Bathroom accessories.
  • Windows, mirrors and frames.
  • Closets, hangers and other comforts.
  • Disinfection of the equipment and materials used by the housekeepers (carts, amenities, courtesies, cleaning supplies).
  • Rooms 223 and 224 are assigned for the temporary isolation (no more than 12 hours) of guests and/or companions with a positive diagnose of COVID-19, with the following characteristics: single room with exclusive bathroom and room with two double beds with exclusive bathroom. We’ll follow a specific procedure to clean and disinfect if a person infected with COVID-19 is staying here.
  • All the hotel staff that need to access to the room when the sick guest is present (maids, room service, etc.) must wear the protective equipment designated by the work risk services and wash or disinfect hands when leaving and, if possible, keep a distance of one/two meters from the client.
  • The maid will wear an apron or proper robe, disposable is best, and gloves before entering the room. The cleaning cart must not enter the room.
  • Retire bed linens and towels and put them in a bag separated from the rest (it is recommended to put yellow and red bags) until the moment of washing them, warning the laundry staff for the hygienic manipulation (do not shake the laundry off and avoid direct contact with the skin). Wash with machine at 60-90C with ordinary detergent.
  • A special treatment for the clothes used by the client is not required and disposable tableware is not required either.
  • The disposable material used by the sick person (tissues, masks and glasses) will be thrown away through its introduction in a plastic bag that closes hermetically and will be disposed with the regular thrash.
  • When the sick client leaves the room for good, all the housekeeping supplies (toilet paper, bags, etc.) must be retired and thrown away.
  • Do the proper cleaning and a later disinfection with a recently prepared solution of sodium hypochlorite. Use disposable paper to do the cleaning.
  • Put special attention when cleaning bathrooms and contact surfaces such as handgrips, switches, telephones, control of the TV or air conditioning, tables, etc.
  • It is not necessary to do a chemical disinfection by a plague control authorized company.


  • Placement of containers with disinfectant solution (for the shoes) in the access.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the area, vendor machines, tables, chairs and other furniture in contact with the guest.
  • Design and readjustment of the disposition of tables and chairs to ensure the social distance of at least 2 meters.
  • Up to 2 people per table are allowed.
  • In case of exceeding the allowed number of clients at the restaurant, we’ll offer room service.
  • The physical menus are cleaned and disinfected before and after every use.
  • Seasonings are served in a single-use container (disposable).
  • Storage containers to disinfect before and after each use.
  • The food preparation stations must be disinfected at least one time every hour.
  • The buffet service is suspended until further notice.

Swimming pool

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the area and the equipment in contact with the guest: tables, chairs, pool beds, umbrellas, showers, feet baths, etc. The pool beds, tables and chairs after every use.
  • Design and readjustment of the disposition of tables, chairs, pool beds, umbrellas, etc. to maintain the social distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  • Placement of social distance signage (minimum 1.5 meters) in strategic points.
  • Placement of containers with disinfectant solution (for the shoes) to access the area.
  • Keep the concentration of disinfectant in the pool water within the recommended limits according to international guidelines.
  • Adaptation of an exclusive area to deliver clean towels and placement of an exclusive container to deposit dirty towels.
  • The palapa, accesses and hallways must be washed and disinfected every night.
  • The recollection of dirty towels must be made in bags.


Privacy Policies

Security is our highest priority to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us.

We store any information you enter on our website. This includes personal information such as your first and last name, home or business address, telephone number, postal and e-mail addresses. The information you provide is not shared with non-authorized third parties.

We may share your information, as only necessary as possible, with companies related to your travel itinerary such as airlines, hotels, ground handling companies, local tour companies, sponsors and other suppliers.

When it comes to payment sections, please make sure to see the security lock on your browser to confirm the identity of the site before providing your credit card information.

Hotel Policies for Payments at the Hotel

Guarantee Policy:
Credit card is required to guarantee the reservation.

Cancellation Policy:
We accept cancellations 48 hrs, prior to the arrival, after this time, there will be a one night charge as penalty.

No show policy:
In case of no show, will be charge the first night of stay without right to reimbursement.

Extra Person Policy:
All extra people will have charge; do not accept more than 4 people by room.

Children Policy:
2 Children under 12 years old are free in the same room with their parents.

Pets Policy:
No pets allowed.

Oversold Policy:
In case the Hotel is oversold and cannot offer you the contracted service, to the client with a reservation from Internet Power, the Hotel by its own count will find adequate alternatives to supply the service contracted, that will meet or give better service than the original benefits contracted

The hotel will pay a one night stay plus taxes at a similar Hotel.

The guest will be transported by the hotel to the new hotel.

The guest will be permitted at least one phone call to his house or office.

Policies for Online Payments

Any reservation cancelled 15 or more days prior to the arrival date is subject to a 10% penalty charge of the reservation total.
Any reservation cancelled within 14 to 3 days prior to the arrival date is subject to a 1 night stay penalty charge.
Any reservation cancelled within 2 to 0 days prior to the arrival date or No Shows will not be refunded. No refunds apply on early departures.
Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Holidays:
Any reservation cancelled 31 or more days prior to the arrival date are subject to a 10% penalty charge off the reservation total.
Any reservation cancelled within 30 to 15 days prior to the arrival date is subject to a 1 night stay penalty charge.
Any reservation cancelled within 14 to 0 days prior to the arrival date or No Shows will not be refunded; No refunds apply on early departures.
As you make your reservation you authorize us to use your number of credit card to make your payment, and confirm that you know and accept our reservation, payment, disclaimer and cancellation policies. All the reservations are subject to availability at the moment of making your request. The availability is not guaranteed until we’ve received the full payment.

The reservation confirmation is subject to the bank authorization upon any credit card number that you provide. In case of payment issues, we will get in contact to the phone number that is provided by you.
The amount of the reservation will be immediately charged to your credit card and it will show on your bank statement under the name: “INTERNET POWER SAPI DE CV, AGENCIA DE RESERVACIONES”.
For reservation payments, we accept Visa and Master Card Credit Cards. In case you don’t have any of the credit cards mentioned above, you can complete your payment by means of a bank transfer. For further information please contact one of our Travel Advisors.
The rates published on our website are available in different currencies, which are properly specified at its moment. Mexican Pesos will be charged on Mexican Pesos. In the case of any other currency, the amount of the transaction will be converted to Mexican Pesos (MXN) in the valid exchange of the date of the transaction. Please consider that the amount that will appear on your payment bill of your credit card might vary up to 3% due to the international fluctuation of the currency exchange rates. The website is not responsible for this fluctuation and, as you accept these policies, you recognize you are informed of the currency fluctuation and you accept the pertinent charge in American Dollars.


Request your bill by sending your reservation number and tax data to reservas@internetpowerhotel.com